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Bidford war memorial

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GARDNER.  David.

Driver. Army Service Corps Aged 19. Date of Death 21st Oct 1916. Service no T4/161185. David was part of the ASC who supplied the Army with food equipment and ammo. Nearly 325,000 men served, David died of a serious illness at home aged 19 He enlisted in Dec 1915 but due to accident was discharged in June 1916. He did not serve overseas a Market gardener by trade. Buried in his home Cemetery St Laurence churchyard Bidford.


                                                    Bidford Church entrance and David's stone


GOULD.  Gerald. 

Private. Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bat. service no 36145. Date died 8th Nov 1918.Also formerly H/57222. Queens own Oxford Hussars. Gerald unfortunatly was killed in action just 3 days before the armistice was signed on the 11th Nov 1918. His Division the 19th Western Division were involved in the final advance in Picardy. The battle around the time of his death was at The passage of the Grand Honelle in early November 1918. Enlisted in Warwick, Born in Bidford also resident in Bidford living on Tower Hill. Son of Julia Gould. Sisters Florence, Maud E, Isallea, Rosah, Winifred, Brother George H. Buried at Bettrechies communal cemetery. (3 Warwicks buried here in the foreground, Gerald is the third one in from the left).

           Bettrechies communal cemetery

 (Picture kindly taken by Pierre Vandervelden)


Emigrated to Canada. Private. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) 8th Battalion.(90th Rifles) aged 28. Date of death 28th April 1917. Service no 438018. Frank was born in Birmingham on 2nd Apr 1889 his trade in Canada was a Linesman he also served 3 years in the Alberta 15th Light Horse, he enlisted into the Canadian over-seas expeditionary force (CEF) on Dec 18th 1914 aged 25 years 9 months he was 5ft 9ins tall. Frank Hancocks (438018) originally joined the 52nd Btn at Port Arthur on 18 Dec 1914. He was one of the first to join. He was part of the first reinforcing draft that was stripped off the 52nd Btn of which many went to the 8th Bn.  On his date of death Franks battalion nicknamed the Little black devils were involved in the battle of Arleux loop, to eventually capture the village of Fresnoy. 50 ordinary ranks were killed 200 wounded and 50 were missing after the battle. Son of the late William Hancocks and of Maria Harbige ( formerly Hancocks) of Waterloo cottage, Bidford.  Remembered on the Vimy memorial.


            Vimy Ridge memorial                                                           Sign on papers

HANCOCK.  Horace James. (still researching Hancock not sure of these details).

Died in 1922. The son of Joseph, an agricultural labourer and Elizabeth Hancock. Born Bidford in 1886.

               Bidford Church

HARRIS.  Edgar

Private. 1st Battalion Lincolnshire regiment. Service no 13729. Date died 16th June 1915. Aged 30. Edgar was killed in the same battle as Henry Freeman on the same day two Bidford lads together. 1st battalion Lincolnshire regiment involved in the attack for the enemy front line and the Hooge farm trench, the attack was so successful that the infantry were shelled by their own artillery and had to fall back to the German front line, ground was held and consolidated. Ypres (Menin gate) Memorial. Son of Major and Ann Harris Bickmarsh Bidford. Husband of Annie Elizabeth. (formerly Lampitt).Later Houghton.


Menin Gate memorial                                                         Panel 21

HARRIS. Albert Edward

Private Royal Warwickshire regiment 1st Battalion Service no 9919 Date of death 31st July 1915. Age 30. Member of the 10th Brigade 4th Division. Battalion located near Mailly-Maillet, North of Albert from 22nd July 1915 until February 1916. Albert was a married farm labourer working in Binton in 1911 living with his wife and daughter. His wife's name was Emma. Buried at Sucrerie Military cemetery, Colincamps.

   Sucrerie cemetery Colincamps

HARTLAND.  Arthur   

Private. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. 2nd battalion, Service no 11772. Date of death 28th July 1916. A member of the 5th brigade. Arthurs battalion a member of the 2nd div were involved in the battles of the Somme around the time he was Killed in action. Pozieres being one of the main strategic positions fought for in Late July 1916. Born and resident in Bidford. Occupation farm worker. Served in action in France and Flanders. Son of Mr and Mrs W. Hartland of Broom, Bidford. Remembered on the Thiepval memorial.

               Thiepval Memorial

HARTWELL.  Horace Frank 

Private Essex Regiment 1st Battalion. 12th Platoon Y Company Aged 22. (Horace had also served with the Oxford and Bucks Light infantry (service no 11763). Date of death 14th Apr 1917. (Listed as missing later presumed dead). Service no 20326. Before the war Horace was a butcher. A member of the 37th div. At the time of Horace's death his regiment were involved in the battles of Arras including the consolidation of Monchy Le Preux. On the 14th a major attack by the Germans was eventually stalled but not before devastating losses to the Essex and Newfoundland forces. Total casualties of 17 officers & 644 Other Ranks. out of a strength of 31 officers & 892 O.R., Monchy Le Preux was held in allied hands for nearly 12 months, but was recaptured by the Germans in their spring offensive of 1918, regained again by the Canadians in Aug 1918. Horace was born in Broom and worked later as a farm labourer. Son of Mr Thomas.C. and Mrs Julia. A. Hartwell, of "Gascotte" Bidford. His brother Pte Harold J Hartwell also served with the 1st Essex and was wounded in 1915. Remembered on the Arras memorial.

                   Arras memorial

HEAVER.  Charles 

Private. Aged 39. Royal Marine Light Infantry. 1st RM.Bn R.N.Div. Date of Death 25th Aug 1918.  Service no CH/1676(S). Private Heaver probably died during the battle of Louport wood the final objective at the Eastern Edge of Le Bargue which was captured and despite many enemy counter attacks with the enemy suffering losses from Lewis gun and rifle fire. Buried at Valenciennes St Roch. Son of Resta and Ellen Heaver of Godstone Surrey. Husband of Gertrude Annice Heaver of Borris cottage Bidford. Worked as a painter before the war.

 Valenciennes cemetery St Roch

HOUGHTON.  Bernard H

Corporal. Worcester Regiment 1st/8th Battalion. Date of death 24th Apr 1917. Service no 240580. Part of the 144th Glous/Worcs Brigade 48th South Midlands. Probably killed in action during the attack on Guillemont Farm on 24th Apr 1917 aged 26. The youngest son of Henry, a Stonemason and Sarah Ann Houghton. He was born and resided in Redditch, worked in the needle industry and enlisted in Worcester. Commemorated on the Thiepval memorial .

               Thiepval memorial

HUGHES.  Richard George

Airman 2nd class. Royal Flying Corps. 22nd Kite Balloon Section. Aged 18. Date of Death 5th Dec 1916. Service no 33125. Died of injuries following a motorcycle accident. Before the war he was employed as a driver. He was a dispatch rider and died following a collision in which he fractured his skull and broke his collarbone and some ribs.Son of Richard and Ella Hughes. of Broom, Bidford-on-avon. Remembered with honour at Varennes military cemetery.Varennes is a village about 7 miles from Albert, was used in December 1916 by the 4th and 11th casualty clearing stations. Richard is also remembered by his family with a gravestone in Bidford churchyard.


                    Bidford Church                                                                       Gravestone            

LANE.   William George 

Private. Worcs  1st battalion.8th Div. Service no 22155. Aged 20. Died of wounds, Was involved in the 1st phase of the battle of the Somme, the fighting on and around Albert 1st-13th July 1916. Date of death 7th July 1916. Son of Edwin and Bessie Lane of 14, Council houses, Broom, Bidford. Buried Mericourt-L'Abbe communial cemetery.

   Mericourt communial cemetery

LEONARD.  George

Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal. 126485. Lieutenant. 8th Battalion South Staffs Regiment 51st brigade 17th Division. Died in hospital of Choleycstitis  (gall bladder inflammation) on the 1st Sept 1916. The son of Joseph and Harriet Leonard of Handsworth. The Husband of Minni Leonard of Waterloo rd Bidford. born in Warwick. He served in the South Africa Campaign. Buried in the Le Treport Military cemetery Seine-Maritime France. Minni asked for the words re-union our abiding hope to be on his gravestone.


                Le Treport Cemetery                                                    DCM

LIDDELL.  William Henry 

Private, Gloucestershire regiment. 2nd/5th battalion. Date of death 5th Dec 1917. Service number 32835. 61st division. Employed before the war on Horn farm Bickmarsh, Nr Bidford.. 2/5th on the 5th Dec 17 were at Villers Plouich in action the day Liddell died of wounds. Major incident in November for the 2/5th was a bomb dropped by aeroplane killing 16 and wounding 53. His brother Francis also fell details below Buried Sunken road cemetery Villers-Plouich. Also remembered on the Welford memorial.

       Sunken road Villers-Plouich

LIDDELL.  Francis 

Private Hampshire Regiment 1st Bat. Aged 19 Date of Death 22nd Apr 1918. Service no 28633. Farm labourer before the war. The Hampshire was part of the 4th division this division remained on the western front throughout the war. Francis was probably killed during the German spring offensive of 1918, which was the Germans final attempt to force a victory before the Americans came into the war, there was a battle at Hazebrouch 12th-15th Apr. Remembered on the Loos memorial which commemorates over 20,000 officers and men with no known grave. Also remembered on the Welford memorial.

                  Loos memorial

LOCKE.  Nathan

Private. Royal Berkshire regiment. 2nd battalion. Date of death 2nd Dec 1917. Service no 38274. 25th Brigade 8th Div. aged 28. Formerly 21531, R. War. Regt. Before the war he was employed as a painter. Based at Ridge camp, moved up to the front late November, Nathan was killed in action, war diary for the day states "battalion formed up for attack on enemy line" at the time of the attack battalion was in the WIELTTE area. Son of James and Mary Locke of Saunthill Broom. Remembered on the Tyne cot memorial.


              Tyne cot memorial                                                                                     Panel 105 -106             

McQUAY.  Fred

Private 215. Royal Warwickshire regiment 14th Battalion. Entered France 21.11.15. Date of death 30th July 1916. Aged 26 .Before the war Fred was a shop manager in London.  Freds regiment was a member of 13th brigade 5th Division. Fred was killed in action during the battles of the somme. Killed in the attack on Wood Lane to the immediate east of High Wood on the Somme, After a short rest the 5th Division again attacked from Delville to High Wood on the afternoon of July 30. It was the first day on which the creeping barrage was used, but the artillery preparation proved to have been too short; the 14th Royal Warwickshire, who were one of the assaulting battalions, were badly cut up, and those who remained were forced to shelter in shell holes about fifty yards from the German trenches. Though the men had shown the utmost dash it was impossible to advance, and ultimately the battalion was relieved by the 15th Royal Warwickshire, whilst the 16th were brought up in support. So that day all three of the Birmingham battalions were fighting in the same trenches. The 16th distinguished themselves by the gallantry with which a party under Lieuts. J. Dell and G. Sanders carried back the wounded under fire next day. Some of the bloodiest battles of WW1 Bazentin ridge, Pozieres, Mouguet Farm, Guillemont, 51 British divisions (division = 12,000 men) used on the Somme with 419,700 British and dominion casualties. Remembered on the Thiepval memorial and on the base of the gravestone of his brother-in-law Charles Holder in Bidford cemetery.


                Thiepval memorial         

MAYRICK.  Thomas 

Private Royal Warkwickshire Regiment 14th Bat. Aged 22. Date of Death 28th Sept 1916. Service No 17806. Part of the 5th Div 1st  City of Birmingham. Born in Bidford, lived in Bidford worked as a baker before the war. Private Mayrick was wounded during the Somme battles 1st July 1916-18th Nov 16. evacuated to the UK and dying of his wounds in Netley Hospital body brought back to his final resting place at home here in Bidford. Buried in the North cemetery at St Laurence church Bidford.


Gravestone Bidford cemetery

MILLWARD.  Thomas William

Sapper. service no 188908. Royal Engineers, railway operating div. Date of death 27th May 1918. Objective of the railway divisions was to get men and equipment to the front as close as possible, toiling around the clock, problems with shell fire and bombing from aircraft, meant casualties were suffered. 173 men from railway companies lost their lives. Thomas was killed during the German offensive of spring 1918, and his body evacuated back to the village of Proven, where field ambulances were encamped 17 miles NW of Ieper Belgium. Thomas was born in Bewdley and at the time of his enlistment was employed as a clerk for the Great Western Railway in Bidford-on-Avon. Buried at Mendinghem military cemetery. Also on the family gravestone. The newspaper cutting for Thomas kindly sent to me by Simon Fielding, who is researching the Millward family.

"News has been received that Sapper T.W. Millward (son of Mr. Walter Millward High street Bewdley) has been killed in action in France whilke on duty with the Royal Engineers Sapper Millward who was twenty seven years of age, was well known in Bewdley, where he had made many friends. He started work for the Great Western Railway company as a clerk and was stationed at Bidford-on Avon when he joined the Army in June 1916 He leaves a widow and two children to mourn his loss, for whom and the parents general sympathy has been  expressed in the Bewdley district. He was an Oddfellow a member of the "Earl Durham" lodge being transferred from the Juvenile branch. The following letter has been received from the officer commanding the Royal Engineers: "Dear Mrs. Millward - It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that your husband was killed by shell fire late last night whilst on duty. A small measure of comfort, is perhaps, to found in the fact that death was instantaneous. Arrangements are being made for his burial in a military cemetery. Details of which will reach you later. I have always found Sapper Millward a thoroughly good fellow, well behaved, dependable and devoted to duty, and I am awfully sorry to lose his services. Please accept my sincerest sympathy."" 


Mendinghem military cemetery. Newspaper write up. and gravestone.                    

MUMFORD.  William Thomas 

Gunner. Royal Field Artillery. 'A' battery 90th brigade. service no 64813. Died of wounds.22nd Mar 1916. Wounded in the neck on the 21st Mar 1916. His battery was part of the 20th(light) Division (broken up 30th Aug 16).Buried Lijssenthoek military cemetery. Resident of Tower hill, Bidford. Husband of Mrs W.Mumford, Gunner Mumford left 2 young children. Joined in January 1915.Before the war he was employed as a farm carter.

      Lijssenthoek military cemetery